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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Good morning, my friends. Will winter never end? Of course it will. Time goes so quickly - I can't believe it's almost Pesach. And this is the right time to check out this great guide I came across. Your Pesach will be Perfectly Organized you will be in control of your life and you'll handle your food needs properly too.
So, if you agree with me that time flies, those few minutes (seconds really) that you feel like you are going to die if you don't have something to eat - that will also pass quickly IF WE LET IT. A craving is not a command, and we don't have to accept every thought that you have. Picture this - your doorbell rings, you answer and someone is delivering a beautiful basket of flowers. Wow! "What a gift", you say, as you find a place for the basket and look for the card to thank the sender. Picture this - the doorbell rings, you answer and someone is delivering a basket of snakes. "Ugh!", you scream as you slam the door, "Go away". Accepting every thought that comes into your head would be like accepting every basket that comes to your door. You have a CHOICE of which you will accept and which you will send away.
Bottomlesspit - you're so right - taking care of our food needs during this hectic time is really tough, BUT, isn't it true that if you are taking care of yourself, you will have more energy and better spirits, be able to accomplish more in less time? So,taking time out for yourself is actually saving you time in the long run. In addition to your great snack suggestions, may I suggest a nice big vegetable soup?
It's warm, comforting, filling, loaded with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Have a mug ready to pop into the microwave when the "urge" stikes. We have added some new soups to our recipe library. This is the time when you need support and direction more than ever!!! Don't put yourself into a situation where you'll say "I should have done this much earlier..."
It's so amazing that while we are cleaning and busy and in need of a break, we rationalize the break by sitting down and "eating something". YOU ARE ENTITILED TO SIT DOWN AND EAT NOTHING - just take a break.
Yes, I know the feeling of "imagining the taste of the food in my mouth" - that is nothing more than romanticizing the food. It's JUST FOOD! It doesnt have the power to make you happy, rich, successful - you have all those powers inside of you. Overeating with make you full, sick, sorry and FAT.
Thanks SWEET for trying our recipe and letting us know how much you enjoyed it - keep cookin'.

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lovetoeat said...

The one time I overate this week I was sick and sorry - hope remembering that will keep me from doing it again! Why am I never too busy to eat? I am too busy to prepare, too busy to drink water, too busy to keep up with the diet community...