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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hi everyone. Hope your week was good - foodwise and otherwise. Wait! Isn't it true that if your week (or day) is good foodwise then it's OK in every other area as well?
I find that when I am in control of my food, I am better able to handle any situation that arises - and as you know, they "arise" all of the time. And, as you said, bottomless pit when you are "in the sugar" it is really hard to get out. Remember, it is ALWAYS easier to stay on the program than to GET BACK ON the program.
Welcome to our community lost21sofar,and congratulations on your accomplishment. We all look forward to hearing from you. Lovetoeat, your attitude is GREAT! YOU NOW KNOW that you can do it,and so do we all, right?

So, Purim is here, and this year it is 3 days long (Fri, Shabbos and Sunday),and for many of us it has already started with the planning, preparations, cooking, packages, deliveries in and out. Keep in mind too that Purim opens the door for one of the most challenging seasons of the year for us foodies. WHAT YOU WILL DO ON PURIM (AND BEYOND) WILL BE DEPENDENT ON WHAT YOU DO FOR THE NEXT 5 DAYS!! If you have your "strictest" program days (you know what I mean) today, Monday, Tues, Wed and Thursday you will be more inclined to rise to the challenges of Purim. If you don't, trust me, you will not "start" next weekend.

Bottomlesspit, you absolutely have the right idea - get rid of whatever you can. Don't leave it around where you can look at it, yu will end up doing more than "looking".

I have found that as tough as Purim Day is, the DAY AFTER is sometimes even more problematic. It makes things bearable if I give away, send away, throw away (lovetoeat, your mom was "right on") those things I have trouble handling. Neighbors, nursing homes, hospitals, yeshivas, would so appreciate all of those things that would only end up in ME!

I hope you have all read this week's newsletter and have (or will) use some of the "tips" offered.

A Freilachen Purim.


lovetoeat said...

Help - today was bad! But I'm counting on your support to help me get to Purim not drunk with sugar...
Marcia your words will definitely help. I should have opened my laptop earlier today...

bottomless pit said...

I'm sorry you had a bad day. You weren't bad. You fell. I hope you picked yourself up and started a new.
I've prepared my packages. I didn't and won't do any home baking. Tooooooo dangerous. I plan on sending any extra food home with my daughter, mother-in-law, and mom. The only problem I have is my husband. He always wants to save the really good chocolates for us. He shouldn't have it around either. I can not control what he eats. I can try to make my environment friendlier to my health. I plan on giving him, the junk he wants. I will tell him to put it away where only he will know where it is. I only have to pray that I don't go on a "treasure hunt" in one of my crazy craving moods. *lol*
Wishing you all a Freilichin,safe, healthy Purim.

lovetoeat said...

I need your support so badly- I kept on checking in to see if you're there and I'm so happy to hear from you.
I did "pick myself up" not as good as I'd like to be . I'm following more of a maintenance sort of plan.
I did "fall" into the trap of homemade baking. And those are my worst trigger foods. But I still want to bake more (there's leftover prune filling, more guest coming for the Seudah) and I will not!!
I will also drink, drink, and drink- WATER.

bottomless pit said...

I stopped baking along time ago. Probably when my kids went out of town to schools/yeshivas. I would bake and cut off the ends. I LOVE the ends. I would bake and freeze in portions for the next Shabbos or two after. I discovered..I LOVE frozen cake! I'd have to sneak in a baking session to put back what I had eaten from the freezer. Each time, promising not to eat the frozen plan aheads. It took many times of not being able to control myself. I finally was able to get everyone to understand that baking was dangerous for me. The only time I bake is when it is a whole cake presentation. I wouldn't dare take a sliver. I never started out intending to eat all that frozen cake. It was always...just one piece.
lovetoeat ...I'd like to try something. I've never done this before. It just flew into my head.
On Purim, Shabbos and Sunday...until we can get the carbs out of our sight....when you are tempted....imagine that I'm giving your a supportive hug instead. I will imagine you doing the same.
After all we can't stuff our faces if we are being hugged.
What do you think?
Anyone else want to join in our group hug?

lovetoeat said...

I love the hug idea- I'll bet that Marcia would join us...