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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Good morning, my friends. Will winter never end? Of course it will. Time goes so quickly - I can't believe it's almost Pesach. And this is the right time to check out this great guide I came across. Your Pesach will be Perfectly Organized you will be in control of your life and you'll handle your food needs properly too.
So, if you agree with me that time flies, those few minutes (seconds really) that you feel like you are going to die if you don't have something to eat - that will also pass quickly IF WE LET IT. A craving is not a command, and we don't have to accept every thought that you have. Picture this - your doorbell rings, you answer and someone is delivering a beautiful basket of flowers. Wow! "What a gift", you say, as you find a place for the basket and look for the card to thank the sender. Picture this - the doorbell rings, you answer and someone is delivering a basket of snakes. "Ugh!", you scream as you slam the door, "Go away". Accepting every thought that comes into your head would be like accepting every basket that comes to your door. You have a CHOICE of which you will accept and which you will send away.
Bottomlesspit - you're so right - taking care of our food needs during this hectic time is really tough, BUT, isn't it true that if you are taking care of yourself, you will have more energy and better spirits, be able to accomplish more in less time? So,taking time out for yourself is actually saving you time in the long run. In addition to your great snack suggestions, may I suggest a nice big vegetable soup?
It's warm, comforting, filling, loaded with vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Have a mug ready to pop into the microwave when the "urge" stikes. We have added some new soups to our recipe library. This is the time when you need support and direction more than ever!!! Don't put yourself into a situation where you'll say "I should have done this much earlier..."
It's so amazing that while we are cleaning and busy and in need of a break, we rationalize the break by sitting down and "eating something". YOU ARE ENTITILED TO SIT DOWN AND EAT NOTHING - just take a break.
Yes, I know the feeling of "imagining the taste of the food in my mouth" - that is nothing more than romanticizing the food. It's JUST FOOD! It doesnt have the power to make you happy, rich, successful - you have all those powers inside of you. Overeating with make you full, sick, sorry and FAT.
Thanks SWEET for trying our recipe and letting us know how much you enjoyed it - keep cookin'.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dear "hug" buddies - of course I want to be a part of that hug! What a GREAT IDEA!
What wonderful reinforcement to think 1) I am worth it ! 2) I can get through this!
3) There is no acceptable
excuse for throwing away my health and happiness - and as we think these positive things during our group hug, the concept grows stronger and stronger within each of us.
I hope your Purim was enjoyable. I would like to say one last word about Purim -IT'S OVER (I know, that's 2 words)and whatever you did, whatever you ate, however you behaved - the only thing we do is learn from it and GO ON! (both positive and negative)
There is always an excuse to go off our plan - every day there will be challenges.
Today, mine are as follows
1- a problem with my home computer
2 - change of weekend plans
3 - leftover Shalach Manot
Or should I say those are my NEWEST excuses. Will eating change anything? Will the candy fix my computer? Will the food bring back my original plans? If it would work, then maybe....but I know that will never be. The key is to STOP AND THINK first. And realize that as uncomfortable that feeling of "wanting" is, it is infinitely better than that of having had the binge (because that's where the first bite leads me). Remebering that it is ALWAYS EASIER TO STAY ON PROGRAM THAN TO GET BACK ON!!
And now, coming to that challenge of Pesach preparation, cleaning, cooking, planning - well, that's a whole new set of "reasons".
So many times the food looks so inviting, so good and I can feel it in my mouth- BUT WAIT!! Look at the rest of the picture - the one we dont want to look at until it's too late - the picture of feeling awful, guilty, self-hate. The feeling of worthlessness, no energy, depressed - do we want that? The behavior of eating more and more because "after all, I runined the day"... When I look at THAT - well, which alternative seems better - to binge or not to binge?
So, my leftovers are being divided between my neighbors, the super in my building, and friends who know how to handle these things better than I do!
And with lots of energy and pride in myself I am going full speed ahead to the Pesach cleaning....

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hi everyone. Hope your week was good - foodwise and otherwise. Wait! Isn't it true that if your week (or day) is good foodwise then it's OK in every other area as well?
I find that when I am in control of my food, I am better able to handle any situation that arises - and as you know, they "arise" all of the time. And, as you said, bottomless pit when you are "in the sugar" it is really hard to get out. Remember, it is ALWAYS easier to stay on the program than to GET BACK ON the program.
Welcome to our community lost21sofar,and congratulations on your accomplishment. We all look forward to hearing from you. Lovetoeat, your attitude is GREAT! YOU NOW KNOW that you can do it,and so do we all, right?

So, Purim is here, and this year it is 3 days long (Fri, Shabbos and Sunday),and for many of us it has already started with the planning, preparations, cooking, packages, deliveries in and out. Keep in mind too that Purim opens the door for one of the most challenging seasons of the year for us foodies. WHAT YOU WILL DO ON PURIM (AND BEYOND) WILL BE DEPENDENT ON WHAT YOU DO FOR THE NEXT 5 DAYS!! If you have your "strictest" program days (you know what I mean) today, Monday, Tues, Wed and Thursday you will be more inclined to rise to the challenges of Purim. If you don't, trust me, you will not "start" next weekend.

Bottomlesspit, you absolutely have the right idea - get rid of whatever you can. Don't leave it around where you can look at it, yu will end up doing more than "looking".

I have found that as tough as Purim Day is, the DAY AFTER is sometimes even more problematic. It makes things bearable if I give away, send away, throw away (lovetoeat, your mom was "right on") those things I have trouble handling. Neighbors, nursing homes, hospitals, yeshivas, would so appreciate all of those things that would only end up in ME!

I hope you have all read this week's newsletter and have (or will) use some of the "tips" offered.

A Freilachen Purim.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Good morning to you all on a cold Sunday morning (and no, that hot chocolate will NOT warm you up!). Again, thank you all for your comments and support - they keep the threads of our connection really strong. Boy, that $64,000 question sure brought up a lot of disucssion. BUT - the most important thing I want to tell you about the $64,000 question is THAT IT WAS ALL FIXED. Everyone knew the answers to all of the questions beforehand. AND SO IT IS FOR US. Everything we need, all the answers, are right inside of each and every one of us. At any one given moment we KNOW the right answer, we know the right thing to do for ourselves; however, the distance between knowing and not knowing is not half as great as the distance between knowing and not doing! So, here's the philosophical question: WHAT WOULD YOU KNOW IF YOU LET YOURSELF KNOW IT? What do you really know inside of yourself? What is the truth?
Just THINK and when you THINK, remember what THINK means
Thank You Hashem, I Now Know - so what do I know?
I know that I am responsible for my own food behavior and for having the right foods prepared for me.

I know that if I plan and prepare I am better able to overcome food challenges.

I know that sometimes I don't do my best, but that I am capable of doing better.

I know that sometimes I "make myself stupid" when it's convenient for me.

I know that sometimes I am in denial about the consequences of my behavior.

What do you know?

Last week I visited some friends where there was a 2 year old, a 4 month old and a dog.
The mom tried to feed the 2 year old something he didn't like - he wouldnt eat that or anything else he didn't like - he was willing to wait until he got what he liked, and then ate just until he was satisfied. He didn't overeat.
The 4 month old nursing baby spit back up (excuse me) anything that was too much for her to take - she instinctively knew the amount she was able to tolerate. Infants don't overeat.
The dog's food is in a bowl by the door - he goes to eat it whenever he is hungry; several times a day he eats just enough to satisfy himself and no more. Animals don't overeat.
We also have the ability to know WHAT IS ENOUGH. Our challenge is to pay attention to body signals, and honor them. Are you up for the job?

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hi everyone. I feel so connected to you all when I read your comments, and, I see you connecting to each other, which is so crucial to personal success. Those of us who have social support around our food issues lose more weight and keep it off better than those who don't. That understanding we have of each other is one that I dont think we can get anywhere else. Who is going to cheer you on? Your "N.T. " girlfriend? The one who says "just push yourself away from the table?", your other friend who just keeps gaining more and more weight? Your spouse, who can't understand how emotions and eating go together? Not likely! We get the best support from those who are doing what we are at the same time we're doing it!! So, thank you all for your support and understanding - it really means a lot.
Now, bottomless pit - you ask "the 64,000 dollar question" (is anyone out there old enough to remember that?) - how do I learn to take care of myself and my food? Well, it's a process. First, you have to believe you are worth it. As you said, if it were for your husband....Rabbi Twersky in his book "The Thin You Within You" says that the problem is not the food, the problem is lack of self-esteem- YOU JUST DONT LIKE YOURSELF ENOUGH. So, the first job is getting to like (love?) yourself enough to realize how important you are. You are the MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN YOUR WORLD, and if you don't take care of yourself, no one else will. Also, just think of the end result - you may not love to vacuum the rugs, but you love a clean carpet, right? So, even if some of the preparation, the planning, the exercise and all of those behaviors may not bring excitement, losing weight, feeling more energetic, fitting into some of your old clothes - that makes it all worthwhile - no? Another thing - you say that you would do it for your husband - well YOU ARE!! Of course, we get the most benefits from our positive changes, but those around us ALSO BENEFIT! So, we are really doing it for our families, our friends and mainly so that we can live our best life, feeling the best we can physically and emotionally.