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Monday, April 28, 2008

Good morning - I hope you all had a GREAT Pesach. You certainly were all with me during this very beautiful time. I can't believe it's over - THIS IS THE 'AFTER PESACH' WE'VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT FOR WEEKS. Isn't it true? Anything that came up during the last few weeks that didn't have to do with the chag, our thought was "I'll think about it after Pesach". Was that true when you picked up that unplanned food too? Did you tell yourself that you'd think about your weight 'after Pesach"? Well, here we are; what did you learn? It doesnt pay to look backwards unless we "get it" - what would I have done differently? What do I plan to do differently now? Take a little time out to think and reflect and PLAN to make those changes!
My time away was great - and I had yet another opportunity to observe eating behaviors - mine and the behaviors of those around me. It is no mystery why people look the way they do - the NT's (natural thins) have a different relationship with food than those who are not (and never will be NT's). They STOP EATING when they are no longer hungry. The KNOW when they are no longer hungry. They DONT USE food for emotional "medication". They EAT SLOWLY. If they don't absolutely love it, they don't eat it - those calories really have to be worth it! They MOVE - they walk instead of drive and take the stairs instead of the elevator. I can honestly say I really learned a great deal from watching and observing - and shamelessly copying them. These things don't come naturally to me, but BOY DO THEY FEEL GOOD!
So welcome back to reality - time to START FRESH!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Well, dear friends, this is it - I am leaving today for vacation and then for Pesach. What a challenge! I am going to visit 2 homes,and 2 quite different homes at that. First, there is my friend's house. She overbuys, overcooks, overeats, and guess what her weight is like? The challenge for me is to not fall into her fridge and cabinets where all my "red light foods" lurk. It takes a lot of talking to yourself... evaluating the consequences of the actions that you are taking. Can I live tomorrow with the decisions I made today? Sure, bottomless pit, it would be nice to have a personal chef, a "wife", someone to take care of your every need BUT I know that if I want to overeat, I will find a way, and if I want to eat right, I know I will find a way. The key is to "parent" yourself! And yes, it's harder - BUT - WHAT SEEMS EASIER IN THE BEGINNING MAKES YOUR LIFE HARDER LATER.
The next house (for the days of Yom Tov) is one where everyone eats somewhat "normally" - no food issues here. They eat until they are comfortably satisfied and STOP. They eat a bit of dessert and STOP. When they are not hungry, they don't eat. So, what's the challenge here? It's thinking that I can eat like they do - "If they can eat just a little, then maybe I can too". BUT my experience has shown me over and over that I dont STOP like they do, I just keep going. If I don't take that first unplanned bite, I never have to worry about where I am going to stop.
Dear lovetoeat, I know you love to eat the wrong foods too -we all do-BUT as much as we want the food - we don't want the consequences, they are just too great. I am so glad you are doing welll - keep up the good work!
Sweet - I am really happy that you are feeling better and back to your eating and exercise routine. It really doesn't pay to WORRY about Pesach - worrying without action gets you nowhere. Decide which actions you will take to insure some control during this very challenging time.
So whether you will be at home or celebrating elsewhere PLAN TO BE SUCCESSFUL - that's the most important plan.
I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a "chag kosher v'samayach", and to thank you for all your support - I am certainly taking you with me.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Start Fresh Today

Good morning all! Where is everyone?? Probably cleaning and cooking and preparing and pressured and tired. Did I leave anything out? This time of year is so challenging, with every emotion at the surface and no sleep - a dangerous combination, because for people like us all that feels like hunger. Every emotion translates into "I need something to eat". That's the fib we tell ourselves - that we are entitled, that we must have it, that we deserve it. What the truth? I'm tired, anxious, need some help and appreciation, etc. etc. It would be so helpful if before we ate anything, we stop and ask ourselves "What's my lie?" and "What's my truth?" I once heard a Rabbi say - "Between thought and action there is a moment to choose". Maybe I need more than a moment - maybe 2 or 3 moments when it comes to eating. Maybe if I thought one more moment I wouldnt eat the thing that in the long run I dont want. Maybe I wouldnt give up what I want most for what I want at the moment.
I totally get you, "lovetoeat" - we tell ourselves we are too busy to plan, to prepare, to sit down and eat right, but is that the "Lie" or is it the "Truth"?
In my busy schedule, I have made time for things that I would never have thought it possible to make time for, get it? I also know, "lovetoeat" that your screen name
has been shortened from "lovetoeattherighthealthyfoodsintherightewayfortherightreasons, right?
During this time it is so important for us to stick with some basics - 1)eat breakfast. For me it sends a message that the day has begun in the right way - it's putting fuel in the car so that it runs properly. 2)drink water - it is one of the foundations of a healthy body. When I have not drunk enough water I am more prone to headaches, low energy and irritability. 3)Have a big veggie soup or a stir-fry available for the "in-between" snack.
Just the act of loving preparation is a huge gift - and THAT'S WHAT YOU NEED, THAT'S WHAT YOU DESERVE AND THAT'S WHAT YOU WANT! - not the dry-mouth, nauseous, full, heartburn, no energy, angry feelings that come with overeating unplanned food.
As you are working so hard to create a beautiful, clean, airy, yom-tov atmosphere in the house, don't forget to create that in yourself too!