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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Start Fresh Today

Good morning all! Where is everyone?? Probably cleaning and cooking and preparing and pressured and tired. Did I leave anything out? This time of year is so challenging, with every emotion at the surface and no sleep - a dangerous combination, because for people like us all that feels like hunger. Every emotion translates into "I need something to eat". That's the fib we tell ourselves - that we are entitled, that we must have it, that we deserve it. What the truth? I'm tired, anxious, need some help and appreciation, etc. etc. It would be so helpful if before we ate anything, we stop and ask ourselves "What's my lie?" and "What's my truth?" I once heard a Rabbi say - "Between thought and action there is a moment to choose". Maybe I need more than a moment - maybe 2 or 3 moments when it comes to eating. Maybe if I thought one more moment I wouldnt eat the thing that in the long run I dont want. Maybe I wouldnt give up what I want most for what I want at the moment.
I totally get you, "lovetoeat" - we tell ourselves we are too busy to plan, to prepare, to sit down and eat right, but is that the "Lie" or is it the "Truth"?
In my busy schedule, I have made time for things that I would never have thought it possible to make time for, get it? I also know, "lovetoeat" that your screen name
has been shortened from "lovetoeattherighthealthyfoodsintherightewayfortherightreasons, right?
During this time it is so important for us to stick with some basics - 1)eat breakfast. For me it sends a message that the day has begun in the right way - it's putting fuel in the car so that it runs properly. 2)drink water - it is one of the foundations of a healthy body. When I have not drunk enough water I am more prone to headaches, low energy and irritability. 3)Have a big veggie soup or a stir-fry available for the "in-between" snack.
Just the act of loving preparation is a huge gift - and THAT'S WHAT YOU NEED, THAT'S WHAT YOU DESERVE AND THAT'S WHAT YOU WANT! - not the dry-mouth, nauseous, full, heartburn, no energy, angry feelings that come with overeating unplanned food.
As you are working so hard to create a beautiful, clean, airy, yom-tov atmosphere in the house, don't forget to create that in yourself too!


bottomless pit said...

I need a personal secretary, a butler, a wife! *lol* "Someone to prepare my food and say come dear and eat. You need to rest a bit." It is so hard to take the time for myself. I talk the talk...but alas...walking the walk....doing the work to make my
food plan work is harder.

lovetoeat said...

Thanks Marcia, I do lovetoeatalltherightthings but then again Ilovetoeatallthewrongthings too! And my friend blp if you'd only come out from behind the screen I'd make you a salad or two.

I am actually doing quite well these days. I take one day in the beginning of the week to stock the house with "kosher" snack foods (yogurt, baby carrots, lettuce, sugar-free pops) and I fill the fridge with salads.

Anonymous said...

lovetoeat is so right: planning is very key for me. When I stock up on the right things, it's easier for me to choose them over all the wrong ones.

Already worried about Pesach. The next step is to do that planning. I have to find the time to analyze what I'm worried about, and then be prepared to face those things. This is very hard work!

I am back to doing exercise, after a long stretch of being sick and not having the strength to do any. That helps me quite a lot!

lovetoeat said...

I like your analytical mind looking to analyze what you're worried about - but let Marcia figure that out. You seem practical enough to be on the treadmill, and that's what Yom Tov prep is all about- being practical and setting realistic goals.
I'm glad you're feeling better.