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Saturday, May 31, 2008

SHALOM to everyone from Tel Aviv, where the air is permeated by the smell of fresh bread and there is a cafe on every block and each one is packed (even this late on Motzei Shabbos) What food challenges so far. Thank goodness I brought my own food so I didnt have to rely on El Al's snacks and 2 full meals on the flight. And, as many of you know, the time difference makes it tough to know which meal you're up to - so more opportunity to overeat. I was so grateful to be "grounded" before I left so that I was "safe". Airports, vacations, new places are always such a trigger for me, but anything could be a trigger to eat if I let it.
It's so nice to see all of you supporting each other through this blog - those people who have social support always do better than those that try to go it alone.
And, you all inspire me too.
I know that everyone is busy thinking about Shevuos. I know that whatever I do from now UNTIL Shevuos will determine what I do ON SHEVUOS. This week, when you are preparing the blintzes and cheesecake, MAKE YOURSELF FLEISHIG. Then there is no question, right? And when you come to that milchig meal (where by the way the tradition is DAIRY not CHEESECAKE) you will be so proud of your accomplishments during this week, there is NO WAY that you're going to indulge in something you are going to be sorry for right after!! Let me know how it's going.

Thanks for the inquiries regarding my dear friend. She is better B"H and back home!

As far as Shavuos menus are concerned, Fillet of Sole Florentine sounds good (make sure to count the fats)and Tofu Enchiladas might be a good choice too. Send the ingredient list to and you'll get an answer.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wow - I am so impressed by your exercise routines and your desire to do more. I know it can be a "pain", but the result is so worth it, right? I find that when I do it first thing in the morning, the "pressure's off"; if I dont, then I am thinking all day about when I am going to get to it. However, when I am on my way home from work (often after a late-night class) I do see a lot of walkers. I also pass a health club with a huge glass window and I have seen committed exercisers there at 11 PM and later. So, I guess the important thing is to do it at a time that's good for you!
Lovetoeat, as far as buying equipment, there are places that will rent treadmills, bikes, elliptical trainers - and then use the rental fee towards your purchase. That's a great idea - you'll know in a week or two whether or not you will use the thing instead of using it as a clothes hanger.
To imaof6 - the recipe for kasha-cabbage is: make kasha according to package directions, saute onion and add some green peas, add the cooked kasha to the mixture.Boil whole cabbage leaves to soften, cool and stuff with the kasha mixture. Cook in tomato sauce, using sweetener only if needed.
Serve hot or cold. Program equivalents: 1 stuffed cabbage roll = Unlimited vegetables, 1 Starch selection. May be used beginning Week #2.
Oh my gosh! I just received a phone call (it's 6:15AM on Sunday) from a good friend whose first words to me were "don't panic, I'm OK". Well, you know if someone says that to you, the first thing you do it panic. She proceeds to tell me that last nite at midnite she got up with chest pains, was taken to the hospital and one artery was 90 percent blocked. By the time she called me, they had put in a stent and she is feeling better. My first thought was - she stopped exercising, she stopped watching what she ate and all she drinks is coffee and soda, she eats loads of sugar and salt and that she is too young for this! I think there is a lesson here. But it is so frightening, it makes me want to "clean up my act" quickly! You too?
I am in the midst of packing for my trip to Israel, and I'm both nervous and excited.
I've never packed "light", but I'm trying hard. It's been a long time since I've been there and this is a long overdue trip - lots of emotion involved. But, I also know that wherever I am, my food issues go with me so I am so grateful for computers so I can keep in touch with you all and lean into your support.
Have a great week - enjoy the beautiful weather!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Start Fresh

Good morning friends on this beautiful Sunday - here to remind us that Spring is finally (hopefully) here and coats are about to come off (ugh!). I hope you are all as sunny as the weather. Thank you for all of your praise regarding the audio "postcard" - I am so glad you enjoyed it, and we will TRY to make it a regular perk of your membership. Remember, it's not Marcia that's great, it's the message, it's the truth, it's the reminder that is so important. So I am hoping you will listen to the reminder throughout the week and let it help you stay on track!!
I am not "hearing" anything about exercise from anyone - how 'bout it? What're you all doing? I can report some extra walking. I can also (proudly)report that some of my plans with friends DID NOT INCLUDE FOOD!! We shopped, we talked, we drank iced tea and guess what? I had a blast!!
Now on another note....has anyone out there ever felt that if she ate one more salad, she would...throw up? give up? I have certainly felt that on some occasions and I started to feel that way last week. The beauty of working this program is first, realizing that food does not have to be a "party" and that I am not a princess, I could eat some foods even if I am a little tired of them. Hey,I never tire of "the same old chocolate" or the "same old pizza" - so what am I really looking for? I used to look for a lot of excitement in food - now it's important to look for non-food "treats" - a new book, a tape, some flowers (for no occasion)!
Also, I had to think of some easy and different foods to "spice up" my food plan -
kasha stuffed cabbage, spaghetti squash pasta (squash with tomato sauce), "creamed" spinach (made with cottage cheese), eggplant parmagiana (baked eggplant, spaghetti sauce, cottage cheese and 1 oz. lowfat hard cheese)
I want to say "I don't have time" but the entire key to the program is SELF-CARE!! I know that we would do all of this (and more!)for anyone who is important to us. Who is more important than YOU ARE! When we take care of ourselves we are better able to meet our responsibilities and obligations with pleasure and joy. After all, isn't that what life is all about?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hi and Happy Mothers Day to everyone. It's amazing to me (it shouldn't be at this point) that every celebration calls for FOOD. Do you know that Mother's Day is the biggest restaurant day of the year? I have seen "Happy Mother's Day" cakes in every bakery I have passed (no,I didnt go in)all of last week? Food has become the center of our social existence. We can't even think of anything else to do when we get together with friends, it's always "where should we eat". I propose that each one of us makes a plan with a friend that doesn't involve food - how 'bout a park? a nice long walk? shopping? And speaking of proposals, how did everyone do with their exercise this week? I can proudly say I did some - of course not as much as I would like, but there's always next week, right? Did walking and treadmill - it really does make me feel better, both physically and mentally. I am going to buy a pedometer
tomorrow and see if I do the 10,000 recommended steps every day. I think I do, but I also know that we underestimate the amount of food we eat and overestimate our activity level, so we'll see....
I was away for Shabbos - it's always so much easier for me to handle the food challenges when I am not at home, BUT, I always have to remember that one of my biggest triggers is when I get back home - so I was well-stocked and well prepared.
I find that it is so crucial to know yourself,be honest with yourself, be prepared with the right foods. This is serious business - it not only makes a difference in how we look, but in how we live, in mood, energy level, and how productive we are. It truly involves lifestyle change, and most important to remember it's not an EVENT, it's A PROCESS!
Also, I want to thank all of you for your support - I need it as much as you do!

Join now and we'll do it together.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Good Sunday morning to everyone.I hope you all are settled and back to real life - I find that so difficult. You're right, lovetoeat, where is everyone? Now is the time to really get back on track and pay attention to ourselves and our program, our weight and our health. And now that the weather is getting better, maybe it's time to think about another topic I personally don't like to think about - and that's exercise. There's always an excuse - tired, the weather, no time, no partner.Through my exercise history I've done it all - walking, classes, gym, and now I have a treadmill at home,staring me in the face every time I walk into that spare bedroom, making me feel guilty - and it's so hard to do it! Of course, when I do, I'm exhilarated, proud, feel great and yet....In last week's New York Times (April 29th)
there was an article called "You Name It, and Exercise Helps It". And it does, from depression, to strokes to cardiovascular diseases, to 12 kinds of cancer. From circulation problems to chromic pulmonary disease - and not just prevention either; it actually helps in dealing with chronic health problems that already exist!
So, let's make a group effort to exercise and report in - what do you think?