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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wow - I am so impressed by your exercise routines and your desire to do more. I know it can be a "pain", but the result is so worth it, right? I find that when I do it first thing in the morning, the "pressure's off"; if I dont, then I am thinking all day about when I am going to get to it. However, when I am on my way home from work (often after a late-night class) I do see a lot of walkers. I also pass a health club with a huge glass window and I have seen committed exercisers there at 11 PM and later. So, I guess the important thing is to do it at a time that's good for you!
Lovetoeat, as far as buying equipment, there are places that will rent treadmills, bikes, elliptical trainers - and then use the rental fee towards your purchase. That's a great idea - you'll know in a week or two whether or not you will use the thing instead of using it as a clothes hanger.
To imaof6 - the recipe for kasha-cabbage is: make kasha according to package directions, saute onion and add some green peas, add the cooked kasha to the mixture.Boil whole cabbage leaves to soften, cool and stuff with the kasha mixture. Cook in tomato sauce, using sweetener only if needed.
Serve hot or cold. Program equivalents: 1 stuffed cabbage roll = Unlimited vegetables, 1 Starch selection. May be used beginning Week #2.
Oh my gosh! I just received a phone call (it's 6:15AM on Sunday) from a good friend whose first words to me were "don't panic, I'm OK". Well, you know if someone says that to you, the first thing you do it panic. She proceeds to tell me that last nite at midnite she got up with chest pains, was taken to the hospital and one artery was 90 percent blocked. By the time she called me, they had put in a stent and she is feeling better. My first thought was - she stopped exercising, she stopped watching what she ate and all she drinks is coffee and soda, she eats loads of sugar and salt and that she is too young for this! I think there is a lesson here. But it is so frightening, it makes me want to "clean up my act" quickly! You too?
I am in the midst of packing for my trip to Israel, and I'm both nervous and excited.
I've never packed "light", but I'm trying hard. It's been a long time since I've been there and this is a long overdue trip - lots of emotion involved. But, I also know that wherever I am, my food issues go with me so I am so grateful for computers so I can keep in touch with you all and lean into your support.
Have a great week - enjoy the beautiful weather!


lovetoeat said...

Thanks to all for your help on exercise routines. Imaof6 you really got me inspired! I'll "tzip" a bit from everyone and fashion my own.
Spoke to a guy that rents exercise equipment today. He'll deliver the bike by tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

Anonymous said...

the kasha stuffed cabbage sounds delicious and easy to make. i can't wait to make it.

marcia, i hope your friend will be ok.

foody said...

Somehow I've managed to gain weight in the last week and a half. Too many treats were "sneaking" through. I was very discouraged and now that I read about Marcia's friend I see that I have to go back on the good eating plan. Today I will be able to get exercise by being outside with the kids.

Chumie said...

Just read this from Aish's newsletter. even Emunah understands us.... Copy and paste this link into your browser.

Anonymous said...

i just finished cooking the kasha cabbage. the good news is that it is incredibly easy to make and really, really yummy. the bad news is that in less than a minute i ate 3 right out of the pot. finally i pulled myself away to the computer to make myself stop eating. oy!! now i have to go get the kids so i have to wait to eat again.

lovetoeat said...

anon, hope you managed to stay away from the pot.It's bad (good) enough we have to communicate through keyboards and monitors- I wish you'd give us a "name"

Back to my bike. It arrived today. Not yesterday when it was supposed to come and not for the price I thought we agreed upon. Couldn't get on it because the kids were too excited over it. I don't know when I'll get to communicate with you guys next because I'll be busy cycling away.

Imaof6 said...

Thanks for the recipe. Think I'll make it for Shavuos, since we tend to eat more pareve-ish type of Tofu Enchiladas-okay theres some cheese in it..
and Fillet of Sole Florentine (with spinach)

I was feeling very lethargic after Pesach,( was not eating well& not working out) and feel more energetic now from eating better..

I go to a gym class 4 nights a week,(and early on Friday morning,) since I take 2 frum teenage girls in as their chaperone, and they rely upon me to drive them and be there & I told the "girls" about Start Fresh too.
I love "Spinning" in a womens Gym since I can ride with workout clothing (w/o a skirt) whereas outside I dont know if it would feel the same..
I also vary my work-out with kick-boxing, & weights & just exercise..and this past Sunday I did a 6mile walk around the lake before the shul Lag Bomer BBQ and felt great!
I highly recommend working out for everyone keep your metabolism high along with any program that works for you.

I've been working out at steadily at a womens gym since my 3rd child was 9mnths old and he's 17yrs old now! I've worked out through 3 pregnancies, doing step class & weights till the night before..very lite weights and 1 riser on the step by the end..
But I gained only 24 lbs with those pregnancies as opposed to 36 with the others...

My husband is very supportive of my working out, since obviously he wouldn't complain if I lost weight.

Also both my parents had weight/heart issues. My father passed away when he was 58yrs old of a heart attack,( I was only 12!) & he had been overweight,(&high blood pressure etc) lost 150lbs& started to gain some back. My Mom had heart disease, and passed away in her late 70's.
So to me the gym is preventive medicine....

Imaof6 said...

I would highly recommend, not just joining a gym, but if you can afford it, getting a personal trainer or joining a boot camp to get you started...
It does make a big difference!

lovetoeat said...

Imaof6 you're some kind of supermom! I'm OUT OF BREATH from doing 12 minutes on the bike. I get dizzy when I read about your routines.