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Saturday, May 31, 2008

SHALOM to everyone from Tel Aviv, where the air is permeated by the smell of fresh bread and there is a cafe on every block and each one is packed (even this late on Motzei Shabbos) What food challenges so far. Thank goodness I brought my own food so I didnt have to rely on El Al's snacks and 2 full meals on the flight. And, as many of you know, the time difference makes it tough to know which meal you're up to - so more opportunity to overeat. I was so grateful to be "grounded" before I left so that I was "safe". Airports, vacations, new places are always such a trigger for me, but anything could be a trigger to eat if I let it.
It's so nice to see all of you supporting each other through this blog - those people who have social support always do better than those that try to go it alone.
And, you all inspire me too.
I know that everyone is busy thinking about Shevuos. I know that whatever I do from now UNTIL Shevuos will determine what I do ON SHEVUOS. This week, when you are preparing the blintzes and cheesecake, MAKE YOURSELF FLEISHIG. Then there is no question, right? And when you come to that milchig meal (where by the way the tradition is DAIRY not CHEESECAKE) you will be so proud of your accomplishments during this week, there is NO WAY that you're going to indulge in something you are going to be sorry for right after!! Let me know how it's going.

Thanks for the inquiries regarding my dear friend. She is better B"H and back home!

As far as Shavuos menus are concerned, Fillet of Sole Florentine sounds good (make sure to count the fats)and Tofu Enchiladas might be a good choice too. Send the ingredient list to and you'll get an answer.


Shayna said...

I just finished listening to Marcia's audio lecture. Thank you Marcia for everything you do. You inspired me so much. I will have to stop "drinking " the crumbs from the cookie bag, and just in time for Shavuos, I see it isn't so important for me to lick the kids' ice cream cones to make them even.

lovetoeat said...

I heard they sell cheescake "kits" in Israel. Is that true Marcia? I'm preparing salad "kits" this Yom Tov.
While doing some Yom Tov cooking in the kitchen this morn I was thinking this is really a 4 day holiday, then I changed it to 5 because the fun usually starts on Friday with kids and food all over the place.

Anonymous said...

lovetoeat, i promise i will come up with a name soon..... i just want it to mean something and now i only have a minute to write.....

fortunately, or unfortunately i am getting a lot of prepared food for this yom tov. people are coming to stay for shabbos and it is too much to do to cook everything. it makes it easier for me and i love buying milchig treats. we always have a good time on shavuous.

chag sameach everyone in case i don't get another minute on the computer before shabbos.

lovetoeat said...

well, anon, I am in the kitchen and I didn't make myself FLEISHIG. Do I have to say more?
I was thinking about this tactic. We yidden do have self control if I can control myself when I am FLEISHIG why can't I control myself when I'm not?!

Imaof6 said...

I also read the getting fleshig idea too late, but I have done that in the past.Problem is I did the cheesecake early in the day. I didnt eat too much of it..though.
.& I have been working out alot hopefully it wont make too much of a dent.. Of course this is the first year I ever decided to make blintzes from wasnt that hard really. I watched someone else do it...
Better idea is to make the Start Fresh cheesecake first & nosh on that! Now why didnt I think of that sooner? Good Yom Tov everyone!

Imafo6 said...

Just wanted to say that I made a batch of whole wheat blintzes too, and I'm going to put salmon in them or non fat cheese with some sweetner, so maybe it will be fine to eat them after all...:)

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone.....Next time I will use my new name.....

OK..... I could call myself "Nosher" for now, which describes me, but I think it is too negative.
I know: "OptimisticNosher" because I mostly nosh on healthy snacks until I finally give in and have whatever I really wanted. By then I am so full and end up overeating anyway. I do exercise to off set some of the food, but you can't really do that to lose weight. I am mostly happy, but I need to work on my bad habits.

I've used being fleishig before, and then I found pareve things to continue eating, but it works for my friend who is really a
Naturally Thin because of her good habits.

I like to chew gum whatever food I'm making and then I realize how many times I am about to take a taste.

Now I have to go back to clean for Shabbos. I am counting it as part of my exercise today.

optimisticnosher said...

Has anyone heard about a new sweetener called agave? It is supposed to be safe even for diabetics. Is it Kosher? Marcia, is it allowed on the program?

Lovetoeat, are you using the exercise bike you rented? Sorry to be a yenta, but you were excited about getting it so I was hoping you were happy with it.

Imaof6, sorry to be a yenta to you too, but, how do you manage with 6 to workout so much and cook blintzs from scratch?

lovetoeat said...

heard of agave but didn't give it too much thought. like your new name, but I have to think of an acronym for it - because it's too long.
Thanks for inquiring about my bike. I am up to 20 minutes a day (here and there I skip a day- less often than not)the sad part is that I am so not fit that after 20 minutes I have to be resuscitated

optinosh said...

I shortened my name.......

Lovetoeat, 20 mins on the bike is great! I am doing 1/2 hour on the treadmill and I am up to 5 miles an hour so I get about 2 1/2 miles a day, about 4 or 5 days a week. Not too bad and I feel better those days.
Last night we were at a party till after 1am. The late Shabbos is killing me. I kept eating till after 1:30am when we got home. Even though I ate healthy things it's not good for me.

What can we do when the Simcha starts at 10pm?

Everyone have a sweet, happy, healthy Yom Tov!