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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hi from Tel Aviv - I am still in Israel and getting ready for Shevuos. What a trip this has been! Lots of family and friends, loads of visiting, sightseeing, shopping and everything else one can do here. The time is passing so quickly. First, I want to say that I have walked enough this past week to last a month, but I am so grateful to be in good enough shape to do it. (Reminder: good, supportive sneakers are a must!) Also, since it is so hot here, I drank a small lake since I arrived, and I am so glad that I like water and have stopped drinking diet soda and coffee (neither of which quench your thirst). Some really good habits have helped me keep the food in check - 1) I dont stand when I eat, 2) NO SUGAR! NO SUGAR! NO SUGAR! - you'd be surprised how many things that leaves out! 3) no appetizers, no desserts.
The fruits and vegetables in Israel are so wonderful that it is really great to really taste and appreciate them. All in all, I think you can tell that this has been a dream vacation, a trip of a lifetime and it's hard to think about coming home.
Thank you all again for your comments - they keep you close to me. I am so glad, Shayna, that you appreciate the audio lecture. Lovetoeat, if there are "cheesecake kits" here, I haven't seen them not has anyone heard of them BUT it would be a great idea. Imaof6, your salmon blintzes sound divine. And as for the agave, it is like sugar, so I think I would stay away if I were you. Anonymous - I think it's great to get prepared food. Prepared food (and diet prepared food) is here to stay. It's convenience, a timesaver and keeps your exposure to the temptation to a minimum. Kudos to you that you realize this and are helping yourself. And to us all, everything is a process and a learning experience. Next year (please Hashem) we can look back and ask ourselves "what have we learned?" and behave accordingly. Never, never beat yourself up for a mistake. It is there to teach us for the next time.

A Good Yom Tov to all and next blog will be from home!!

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Imaof6 said...

I am getting ready for a trip to Israel as well. I am going to be in NY first and if you're around & there is a Start Fresh office/storefront, would love to drop in & say hello...
Anyway...more importantly..
What sort of snacks could you bring on the plane with you?
Or if there are any other Israeli made products that were a help while you were there..

I know that in Israel they make a sugar free, fat free yogurt (my niece picked me up one in LA)

Until now I've been using the Dannon Fat Free Plain but it has like 17grms of sugar...