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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Good morning everyone from around the world. Every time I write here, I think of how small our world has become, how easy it is to reach each other via phone, internet, sophisicated transportation. And how, in these technologically advanced times, the one thing that doesnt change is our bodies and their needs. Proper nutrition, hydration, sleep and exercise - the keys to how I am going to feel physically, mentally, and emotionally. Becoming irresponsible in any of those areas is the beginning of a downward spiral.
A few weeks ago I shared about a friend who had a heart attack. She's doing great(BH) and the advice given her? Proper nutrition, exercise, hydration and rest. Well, this weekend REALLY made me aware of 1) my age and 2) the importance of self-care. ANOTHER one of my friends had a stroke (mild, but a stroke nonetheless). He wisely did not ignore and "numbness and a little weakness". Tests showed some plaque and that he had had a series of mini strokes (called ischemic) in the past. THE ADVICE?
Proper nutrition, proper hydration, proper exercise, proper rest!! So, here's the question - WHEN ARE WE GOING TO START TO PAY ATTENTION? These problems do not spring up, they are the result of many years of abuse. So whatever your age, TAKE HEED. We tend to ignore health advice when we are young and feel well AND THEN WE PAY THE PRICE.
So, after hearing this news guess what I wanted? FOOD to make me feel better. I had to laugh at myself and think about how automatic my old thoughts and behaviors are, how strong that desire is, and how much some of my emotions feel like hunger. It was difficult to be rational, but I kept thinking about how my bingeig was not going to help my firend's situation (believe me, if it would make things better I would be eating out of control today) and it would only make things worse for me.
On a lighter note, it seems like the city has emptied out. It feels like everyone has made a mass exodus to the country. Less traffic, more parking, quieter streets - feels like a different Brooklyn. I also know that the 8 weeks flies time goes so quickly. Take advantage of whatever time you have....have a great week.


optinosh said...

Today I ended up eating too much because I was very, very tired. We went to sleep past 3am and had to get up really early. So.......... not having prepared anything, I just noshed, and noshed and couldn't put any of the good lessons into place. I am going to sleep in the next few minutes and hope that I get a full night's sleep and then recover my good habits tomorrow.

Shayna said...

Marcia, Marcia, you are wonderful!! Again, the audio of you is everything good! Acting into right thinking..... what a great concept. You help me so much. What you say is so strong and smart. I am using so much of what you teach. Thank you again and again.

lovetoeat said...

I hope your friend is feeling better. Keep us updated.

tzippy said...

the summer is usually the hardest time for me to eat well but somehow this summer is proving to be very different. what am i doing? i'm following the good advice from startfresh!