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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Good morning all on this very beautiful Sunday morning. I wonder how many weddings, bar mitzvahs, graduations, and barbecues you are all faced with - I know that my schedule is full - sometimes more than one in a single day! What a challenge this can be if you are not prepared, both mentally and physically. Every day there is a different "excuse" to overeat, to not exercise, to not drink water - and these days those excuses abound. So, mental preparation starts with a morning commitment - how do I want to take care of myself today? Do I love myself enough to nurture myself and to seek out the best for myself? Preparation for the day begins with breakfast - within 2 hours after arising or else the metabolism slows down 20%. I dont always want to eat at that time, but it is imperative to "jump start" the metabolism and the day. Certainly you wouldnt drive your car without gas, right? Physical preparation means having the right foods avbailable at home READY TO EAT! For me, that means having salad fixings all cut up ready to toss into a bowl with bagged lettuce (I'm lazy sometimes, or pressed for time, whichever sounds better, peeled carrots (or the baby ones in a bag, I'm lazy, remember?)steamed veggies in the fridge, and cooked fish (or chicken, if you eat it, I don't), a ratatouille to eat hot or cold, and most important a vegetable soup (made from unlimited veggies) ready to heat and eat. When I know I am prepared at home, it keeps me focused out of the house 'cause I know I am coming home to MY FOOD. A pitcher of ice cold lemonade helps too.
As usual, I thank you for reading and for your responses. Lovestoeat, the fact that you got back on program immediately is a HUGE SUCCESS - dont discount it. You could have just kept going on and on, but you didnt and thereby you saved yourself a lot of unhappy days and pounds. Imaof6, kudos to your husband. Notice that those "natural thins" are selective about what they eat. We can certainly learn from them.
Have a great week!


ImAOF6 said...

Too bad I didnt know your hours on 46th St. I only arrived in NY a few hours earlier, and with everything, didnt make it out to Boro Park till close to 1:00pm.

I would have loved to have bought some of the food items you have for sale at the retail location there..
Dont think I am going to make it back to Boro Park before my trip to Israel..
I'm in Queens till Thurs am..

optinosh said...

imaof6 have a great trip to Israel.

Thank you Marcia for your encouraging words about getting prepared food for Shavuous and other things too. I usually try to make every single course from scratch and even though I love to do it, I always end up stressed and exhausted and end up eating too much. Also, thank you for your words of wisdom about going to a Simcha just to eat. You shook me up and out of my bad thinking! Even though I thought I was going to all these freilech occasions to celebrate with friends and family, always my first thought was the food. But, because of your words, at the last few parties we went to, I had a different perspective when I arrived and focused on my family and friends and ate just enough.

Thank you Marcia for being so smart and inspiring!

Anonymous said...

I also think of the food first - even as I'm accepting the invitation to a party! Of course I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the party, but even if I thought more about what I'm planning to wear rather than what I'm planning to eat I might be thinking along better lines.

Marcia, it's really funny that you wrote about breakfast. I was just telling a friend's teenage daughter a couple of days ago how important it is for her to stop and eat breakfast in the morning and get her day started right. And I found that I was motivating myself to do better.

Hope I can continue! Thanks for all your good inspiration.