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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Start Fresh

Good morning friends on this beautiful Sunday - here to remind us that Spring is finally (hopefully) here and coats are about to come off (ugh!). I hope you are all as sunny as the weather. Thank you for all of your praise regarding the audio "postcard" - I am so glad you enjoyed it, and we will TRY to make it a regular perk of your membership. Remember, it's not Marcia that's great, it's the message, it's the truth, it's the reminder that is so important. So I am hoping you will listen to the reminder throughout the week and let it help you stay on track!!
I am not "hearing" anything about exercise from anyone - how 'bout it? What're you all doing? I can report some extra walking. I can also (proudly)report that some of my plans with friends DID NOT INCLUDE FOOD!! We shopped, we talked, we drank iced tea and guess what? I had a blast!!
Now on another note....has anyone out there ever felt that if she ate one more salad, she would...throw up? give up? I have certainly felt that on some occasions and I started to feel that way last week. The beauty of working this program is first, realizing that food does not have to be a "party" and that I am not a princess, I could eat some foods even if I am a little tired of them. Hey,I never tire of "the same old chocolate" or the "same old pizza" - so what am I really looking for? I used to look for a lot of excitement in food - now it's important to look for non-food "treats" - a new book, a tape, some flowers (for no occasion)!
Also, I had to think of some easy and different foods to "spice up" my food plan -
kasha stuffed cabbage, spaghetti squash pasta (squash with tomato sauce), "creamed" spinach (made with cottage cheese), eggplant parmagiana (baked eggplant, spaghetti sauce, cottage cheese and 1 oz. lowfat hard cheese)
I want to say "I don't have time" but the entire key to the program is SELF-CARE!! I know that we would do all of this (and more!)for anyone who is important to us. Who is more important than YOU ARE! When we take care of ourselves we are better able to meet our responsibilities and obligations with pleasure and joy. After all, isn't that what life is all about?


Myndie said...

Thank you Ms. B. You are an amazing inspiration for us all and if you dance away -- you get some of the steps. Dont eat no matter what and have faith.

lovetoeat said...

Somehow, despite the spring fever I can't get myself to start walking. I always wanted to buy a stationary bike, however, I was told it becomes a "clothes hanger" in no time. Now someone told me about the possibility of renting exercise machines in my area. Should I rent a treadmill or a bike? Which is more effective? Which has a better history of "customer loyalty?

Anonymous said...

it depends on what kinds of exercise you like to do.

i like a treadmill because i can walk at my own pace and even pretend i'm strolling outside. then i swing my arms and feel like i get more of a work out.

when i started i only did 10 minutes at a time. now i can do a 30 to 45 minutes if i have the time.

lovetoeat said...

Thanks, anon. I couldn't help notice the time you posted. Are you finished with your exercise then by any chance?

Anonymous said...

Hi lovetoeat.
I do try to squeeze my exercise in in the morning... before I have to "face the world;" that is when I have the energy to work out. It happens that lately I've been waking up very early and have been able to be done before 7am. (It happened today.)

When that doesn't happen..... I make sure to get some form of exercise in during the day..... lately I've gotten friends to walk in the mall for a 1/2 hour then have coffee. It's a way to get together and get exercise...... then shop if necessary (which I consider more exercise......)

Anonymous said...

I too try to get my exercising done in the morning. I found out that you have most physical energy at that time, and also that I don't need my mind to be so awake (sometimes it's a plus that I'm not too aware of the working out) to exercise. Just get to it and get it done. Then I feel like I have a jump start on a healthy attitude for the rest of the day: sometimes that works, sometimes not. But the exercise helps everything even if I have a bad eating day....

shayna said...

A few years ago I realized that I have no time to formally exercise between shopping, preparing, cooking, cleaning, laundry, taking care of the family, etc. So, I decided that EVERYTHING I do can be exercise and/or I can add movement to everything I do.
So now I squeeze 10 knee bends, 10 leg lifts, 10 arm rolls and maybe 10 standing pushups against the counter when I am waiting for the waffles in the toaster oven....... or, when I am picking toys or clothes up from the floor, I bend and touch my toes between pickups. We call that "pickups" instead of situps and pushups.

Everyone have a sweet Shabbos.

Imaof6 said...

Just started this past Friday..
Would love your recipes for kasha stuffed cabbage or do you make it the same way. Also had a question when it says Fresh Start roll, is there a recipe for that?

I currently work out 4-5x week(i hour class) in a womens gym. I do spinning 3x week, and on the other days, a circuit training class, with some kickboxing included.
I do this around 5:30PM,(the kids just know its something I do) and try to have dinner ready before I leave. Otherwise I used to work out in the mornings as well and find that it made a big difference running to the gym as soon as the kids left to school.

Personally I dont feel like having the machines at home do anything but the class pushes you harder!

The best combo is doing both exercise& watching your weight combined!