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Monday, April 28, 2008

Good morning - I hope you all had a GREAT Pesach. You certainly were all with me during this very beautiful time. I can't believe it's over - THIS IS THE 'AFTER PESACH' WE'VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT FOR WEEKS. Isn't it true? Anything that came up during the last few weeks that didn't have to do with the chag, our thought was "I'll think about it after Pesach". Was that true when you picked up that unplanned food too? Did you tell yourself that you'd think about your weight 'after Pesach"? Well, here we are; what did you learn? It doesnt pay to look backwards unless we "get it" - what would I have done differently? What do I plan to do differently now? Take a little time out to think and reflect and PLAN to make those changes!
My time away was great - and I had yet another opportunity to observe eating behaviors - mine and the behaviors of those around me. It is no mystery why people look the way they do - the NT's (natural thins) have a different relationship with food than those who are not (and never will be NT's). They STOP EATING when they are no longer hungry. The KNOW when they are no longer hungry. They DONT USE food for emotional "medication". They EAT SLOWLY. If they don't absolutely love it, they don't eat it - those calories really have to be worth it! They MOVE - they walk instead of drive and take the stairs instead of the elevator. I can honestly say I really learned a great deal from watching and observing - and shamelessly copying them. These things don't come naturally to me, but BOY DO THEY FEEL GOOD!
So welcome back to reality - time to START FRESH!


lovetoeat said...

Is the hangover still on?? Where's everybody? I need support. Now!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Is anyone out there. I have been reading your comments for the past few months and now that I want to make a comment, nobody is around. So, has everyone fallen off the wagon?

lovetoeat said...

OK - we're up to "we" need support instead of I need support. Progress. Bottomlesspit- should we drag you out of that pit??
As for you- give yourself a name- if I may ask so that I identify you with something other than anon. All you have to do is think of s/t and choose an identity by name/URL when posting a comment. No signing in or any other steps.

foody said...

Hi Lovetoeat. Thanks for your help.

This Pesach was the sweetest ever because for the 1st time I threw away the chametz instead of eating it. That is because of all the tips about not being a "garbage pail." And also, I was able to control my eating during the 2 seders so I wasn't plotzing at the end and I felt good the next days. Since this Shabbos though, I cannot stop eating. I, too, love to eat, and all my bad habits kicked in preparing for Shabbos and especially with Shabbos starting and ending so late, my eating was out of control.

lovetoeat said...

For me this is the support that works- being in contact with someone else that is struggling with the same issues at the same time.
We can overcome them! I am back to serious business this week. I was 90% perfect so far. But I try not to let the slips trap me. I keep on hearing a voice that says- it's Rosh Chodesh today you have to wash.. Or treat the kids to some special dessert.. But I know it's the Yetzer Horah with his "it's a Mitzvah" trick.
Writing this comment reinforces my commitment - I hope it will motivate you. Foody, please START FRESH tomorrow! Choose the right FOODs.. I am depending on you.

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