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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Dear "hug" buddies - of course I want to be a part of that hug! What a GREAT IDEA!
What wonderful reinforcement to think 1) I am worth it ! 2) I can get through this!
3) There is no acceptable
excuse for throwing away my health and happiness - and as we think these positive things during our group hug, the concept grows stronger and stronger within each of us.
I hope your Purim was enjoyable. I would like to say one last word about Purim -IT'S OVER (I know, that's 2 words)and whatever you did, whatever you ate, however you behaved - the only thing we do is learn from it and GO ON! (both positive and negative)
There is always an excuse to go off our plan - every day there will be challenges.
Today, mine are as follows
1- a problem with my home computer
2 - change of weekend plans
3 - leftover Shalach Manot
Or should I say those are my NEWEST excuses. Will eating change anything? Will the candy fix my computer? Will the food bring back my original plans? If it would work, then maybe....but I know that will never be. The key is to STOP AND THINK first. And realize that as uncomfortable that feeling of "wanting" is, it is infinitely better than that of having had the binge (because that's where the first bite leads me). Remebering that it is ALWAYS EASIER TO STAY ON PROGRAM THAN TO GET BACK ON!!
And now, coming to that challenge of Pesach preparation, cleaning, cooking, planning - well, that's a whole new set of "reasons".
So many times the food looks so inviting, so good and I can feel it in my mouth- BUT WAIT!! Look at the rest of the picture - the one we dont want to look at until it's too late - the picture of feeling awful, guilty, self-hate. The feeling of worthlessness, no energy, depressed - do we want that? The behavior of eating more and more because "after all, I runined the day"... When I look at THAT - well, which alternative seems better - to binge or not to binge?
So, my leftovers are being divided between my neighbors, the super in my building, and friends who know how to handle these things better than I do!
And with lots of energy and pride in myself I am going full speed ahead to the Pesach cleaning....


bottomless pit said...

It helped thinking of you hugging me and helping through the food. It didn't work 100%. I would have been much much worse without those hugs.
Purim day wasn't the biggest eating issue. Shabbos was more so. My control was that my mom was here for Purim/Shabbos. I wouldn't dare overeat in front of her! *lol*
Motzei Shabbos I drove her back home. I then looked in the box, where I had put all the Shaloch Manos before Shabbos. I knew there were some goodies in there. I was planning on having some. I was saved! My mom had picked out the best stuff and taken it home! *lol*
There are a few things in the box. They thank G-d don't call to me. If I did have any Shaloch Manos left over I would send it all with my husband to work. They will eat it up faster than you can say Purim.!
The hardest part for me with Passover preps is....taking the time to take care of my food needs.
In the past I have found I will get so involved and busy with the preps that all of a sudden I realize ..."I'm STARVING!". All I want to do is eat the quickest thing. There are healthy quick things...that I will try to reach for instead. I could say I'll prepare something for lunch before I get involved with the preps. Not gonna happen. I know myself too well. I will grab a fruit first though. That way my hunger will be abated. I will keep yogurt on hand. Baby Carrots is another easy favorite of mine. Even if I eat a whole bag of carrots it won't be awful.

bottomless pit said...

"So many times the food looks so inviting, so good and I can feel it in my mouth"
This reminded of something I try to keep in mind. I am not always succesful. The truth is ...there isn't a food I haven't tasted. I know what it tastes like. As Marcia says I can feel it in my mouth. I know how sweet it is, how smooth, how chocolatey, crunchy, spicey, salty, etc etc. I am not missing out on anything. I also know tasting it will most likely eat to eating the whole thing and more!

lovetoeat said...

I had the same issues- Shabbos rather than Purim. But your hug did help and knowing you're out there continues to help. I'm doing great since Sunday (lol).
Mom on my end want a healthy fit daughter, but is a food pusher at the same time. Quite ironic. She was here for Purim too.
I will try to think of the fact that I KNOW how everything tastes and I KNOW what happens when I taste it again...

Anonymous said...

Thank you Start Fresh: I DID have eating issues and was eating the wrong things and too much of them. Then, the new Start Fresh recipe from the latest newsletter (apple kugel) helped. I made this guilt-free recipe and it was really delicious. My husband enjoyed it too, and that made it even easier to stick with my program. Thank you, thank you, thank you.