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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Good morning to you all on a cold Sunday morning (and no, that hot chocolate will NOT warm you up!). Again, thank you all for your comments and support - they keep the threads of our connection really strong. Boy, that $64,000 question sure brought up a lot of disucssion. BUT - the most important thing I want to tell you about the $64,000 question is THAT IT WAS ALL FIXED. Everyone knew the answers to all of the questions beforehand. AND SO IT IS FOR US. Everything we need, all the answers, are right inside of each and every one of us. At any one given moment we KNOW the right answer, we know the right thing to do for ourselves; however, the distance between knowing and not knowing is not half as great as the distance between knowing and not doing! So, here's the philosophical question: WHAT WOULD YOU KNOW IF YOU LET YOURSELF KNOW IT? What do you really know inside of yourself? What is the truth?
Just THINK and when you THINK, remember what THINK means
Thank You Hashem, I Now Know - so what do I know?
I know that I am responsible for my own food behavior and for having the right foods prepared for me.

I know that if I plan and prepare I am better able to overcome food challenges.

I know that sometimes I don't do my best, but that I am capable of doing better.

I know that sometimes I "make myself stupid" when it's convenient for me.

I know that sometimes I am in denial about the consequences of my behavior.

What do you know?

Last week I visited some friends where there was a 2 year old, a 4 month old and a dog.
The mom tried to feed the 2 year old something he didn't like - he wouldnt eat that or anything else he didn't like - he was willing to wait until he got what he liked, and then ate just until he was satisfied. He didn't overeat.
The 4 month old nursing baby spit back up (excuse me) anything that was too much for her to take - she instinctively knew the amount she was able to tolerate. Infants don't overeat.
The dog's food is in a bowl by the door - he goes to eat it whenever he is hungry; several times a day he eats just enough to satisfy himself and no more. Animals don't overeat.
We also have the ability to know WHAT IS ENOUGH. Our challenge is to pay attention to body signals, and honor them. Are you up for the job?


lost 21sofar said...

Marcia, I figured it's about time I post instead of just keeping up with the other "posters". Your words are so true I feel like you can read my mind. Thank you for the constant inspiration. It is great to follow along with a community out there that understands...

lovetoeat said...

Hi there lost21.. I wish I can say that about myself. But I KNOW NOW that as long as I'm doing the right things I'll get there too. Any tips?

lovetoeat said...

Hey blp- how are the leftovers doing??

bottomless pit said...

I was "good" for awhile. Then I succumbed. Then I took the rest and dumped it! I should have dumped it right after. Once heard someone say...pour mustard or ketchup or windex or any other horrible thing over the food. Is it bal tashkis to do that? I don't believe so. It would have saved me from being in the "sugar" again.

lovetoeat said...

I don't get it- are you in or out of the sugar now?
As for bal tashchis, my mother always reminded me "you're not a garbage can either" or a similar idea in yiddish is "besser aroisgevurfen vi areingevurfen" - better thrown out than thrown in! That's my "psak".

I'm doing well this week- I ate a little more than I should dinnertime - hope it won't show on the scale.

bottomless pit said...

When I am in the is very hard to stay on program. The cravings are extra strong. Then head talking is blabbering away. You know..."you blew it again...why are never going to get thin." I have found that when I can get through an entire week it gets much easier. Usually during a week, I've been through most of the food challenges.
At present I am trying really hard to keep the foods that call to me...out of the house. With Purim coming it is a struggle.
What I plan on doing is making 1/2 the actual packages I need. Keeping empty bags for the rest. Whatever Shaloch Manos comes in I will rearrange and place in one of those bags. This will keep me ready at all times for the next person. This way I don't wind up with more than I started with. I usually wind up with less. I give away all the "cheap" pineapples. I give away the carbonated grape juice too. As you can see...I'm not one of those who goes into themes or crazy over the shaloch manos. I stress the other mitzvos more. I make sure to do the mitzvah. I pray I can stay safe from the garbage. Sorry for being long winded today.