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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hi everyone. I feel so connected to you all when I read your comments, and, I see you connecting to each other, which is so crucial to personal success. Those of us who have social support around our food issues lose more weight and keep it off better than those who don't. That understanding we have of each other is one that I dont think we can get anywhere else. Who is going to cheer you on? Your "N.T. " girlfriend? The one who says "just push yourself away from the table?", your other friend who just keeps gaining more and more weight? Your spouse, who can't understand how emotions and eating go together? Not likely! We get the best support from those who are doing what we are at the same time we're doing it!! So, thank you all for your support and understanding - it really means a lot.
Now, bottomless pit - you ask "the 64,000 dollar question" (is anyone out there old enough to remember that?) - how do I learn to take care of myself and my food? Well, it's a process. First, you have to believe you are worth it. As you said, if it were for your husband....Rabbi Twersky in his book "The Thin You Within You" says that the problem is not the food, the problem is lack of self-esteem- YOU JUST DONT LIKE YOURSELF ENOUGH. So, the first job is getting to like (love?) yourself enough to realize how important you are. You are the MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN YOUR WORLD, and if you don't take care of yourself, no one else will. Also, just think of the end result - you may not love to vacuum the rugs, but you love a clean carpet, right? So, even if some of the preparation, the planning, the exercise and all of those behaviors may not bring excitement, losing weight, feeling more energetic, fitting into some of your old clothes - that makes it all worthwhile - no? Another thing - you say that you would do it for your husband - well YOU ARE!! Of course, we get the most benefits from our positive changes, but those around us ALSO BENEFIT! So, we are really doing it for our families, our friends and mainly so that we can live our best life, feeling the best we can physically and emotionally.


bottomless pit said...

I personally don't remember the $64,000 question. I remember hearing about it. I am 56 yrs. old. I am enjoying the companionship of seeing "lovetoeat" posting. I wish more people would post. I definitely feel more responsible when I know there are others understanding my love affair with food. The problem is I hate vacuuming more than I like a clean carpet. :(
I agree, the first step is loving myself. There is a bit of a catch 22 to that though. I love myself so much that I want to "make nice" to myself with the comfort foods. BTW, I did cut up the cantaloupe after posting about it. I said...Just do it! Shabbos was a disaster! I bought goodies for the guests?! right!! BIG MISTAKE!. I can serve guests healthy, legal desserts.
My slogans for the week.
Just do it!
I am worth it!

b said...

Just went to "kosher club" on this site. I read the article that was taken from Rabbi Twerski. It further reinforces my need to stop letting my addiction take control of my spirituality. Great Article!
Thanks Marcia.

lovetoeat said...

Hey- I'm only 39 I know nothing about the $64,000 question. Can anyone help?

bottomless pit said...
I hope this link works. It explains the tv show.
How are you doing?

lovetoeat said...

Thanks. I copied and pasted the link into the browser and I've just read more than I ever want to know about the $64,000 question. But I do need the answer in my heart and hands NOW.
You're asking me at the right time - today was great foodwise. Not enough liquid intake, too busy for such mundane matters..

sweet said...

If anyone else out there is like me - and I know that you are - and thinking about food 24x7, I know that the answer would be worth everything to me: how to remember how happy I am when I make the right food choices, and how miserable I am when I give in to the should I/shouldn't I dialog....

bottomless pit said...

I'm panicking. I had a bad shabbos this past week. I had guests and bought goodies for them. I wound up eating everything. At one point, on Monday, I found the strength to throw the leftover cake in the garbage.
This Friday night, the Oneg Shabbos is in my house. Yes, I put out fresh fruit. BUT, I also put out nuts, raisins, chocolates and cake/cookies.
It is the last Oneg of the year. Alot of people come. I can't just put out fruit. I can't give it away till at least after shabbos. No eruv in my communuity. HELP!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweet!

If you get the answer to that question....You will be a millionare 10 times over!
When it comes to feeding my addiction....I have short term memory. :(

bottomless pit said...

Sheesh...I forgot to put my "name" in.
I will add though....The more often you exercise the "muscles" to make the proper decision the more natural it becomes.
I hate exercise. :)

lovetoeat said...

Some ideas for Shabbos:
1. Tell your immediate family- I will not be eating any of the leftovers.
2. Don't even take ONE bite or LICK..
3. Don't buy any cake, nuts or chocolates that are your favorites or that are trigger foods.
4. Be cheap, buy less than you would another time.
Can you remember this over the weekend - lol - and let me know!