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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Good Sunday morning. When I walk outside in my neighborhood (Flatbush) it is so apparent that this is a 3 day-summer-beautiful weekend. It seems like everyone's away. How peaceful! Of course, this is IT. By tomorrow night everyone will be back and the new season will start all over again. (Where did the summer go?) We will be thinking about school starting, fall clothes, Yom Tov. It will be a whirlwind of "re-entry", unpacking, shopping, planning, cooking. This is what I call a "transition period" - don't be surprised if it is accompanied by unusual hunger and feelings of "I need something good to eat" - it's just that displaced, not-in-routine-yet feeling masquerading as hunger. Lots of feelings masquerade as hunger (you know, anger, boredom, celebration, depression, stress, frustration, fatigue and overwhelm - how many do you have each day?)But it's not hunger, and it WONT go away with that sugar-laden binge - it never does!!
Sweet nailed it - when you overdo it, GO RIGHT BACK to what you know works. I'll also bet, Sweet, with your history, you didnt let exercise go by the wayside even though you were on vacation. That's the key - do what you CAN do, what you are WILLING to do. Just because your eating gets a little sloppy doesnt mean you throw out all the positive behaviors.
I dont often go to a huge supermarket - I prefer to shop at a smallish one in my neighborhood that carries everything I need. And even if I do go, I usually go with a list, am in a hurry, run around, get what I need and make a hasty exit. The other day I had some time, needed some things (starting to shop a little for Yom Tov as well) and I went to a mega-size store. No wonder 65% of Americans are overweight.
I counted 45 (that's not a typo) - 45 cold cereals and EVERY ONE OF THEM HAD SOME FORM OF SUGAR IN THE FIRST 5 INGREDIENTS! There was an ENTIRE aisle devoted to cookies. What's wrong with this picture? As we "swear" we believe that what we eat affects our health, we are mass producing and mass eating processed, unhealthy, fat-laden, full-of-sugar-and-artificial-ingredients foods. And without a demand, they wouldnt be produced - so what message are we sending? We are playing a game of "russian roulette" - we are killing our bodies and hope we dont get caught. It doesnt seem like such a smart game to me.
Who out there will pledge with me that MOST of our food for the day will be in it's natural form (fruit, veggies)? Who will pledge to be more cognizant and aware of ingredients? Who will commit to reading labels and limit those products loaded with fats and sugars and dyes and chemicals and additives and preservatives? Any takers?
Let me know!! Have a great week and WELCOME HOME.


mirik said...

beautiful entry for a beautiful day. This is my first day starting the new plan. My intention is to take off a few pounds for the upcoming chagim. Also hoping for a better plan and recipes for cooking for the yom tovim. Thanks for everything.

lovetoeat said...

Whoa, Marcia, you're asking commitments ?? I just came back and refuse to let another week of excuses to go by. I will jump right in and commit to eating most of my food for the day in its original form.

optinosh said...

I am happy to make the commitment. I went shopping yesterday and have a giant fruit bowl on the counter filled with plums, nectarines, etc. It is definitely hard to pass up the cookie aisles and it is mind boggling how much sugar and corn syrup is added to the foods that are supposed to be healthy.

I was watching a cooking show and the chef had the most gorgeous tomatoes that she proceeded to slice and then sprinkled sugar on them.... Oy! I had to scream at the TV.