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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Good Sunday morning to all!! As I look outside my window I am amazed - it looks as if there were no rain, no howling winds, and no flood in my hallway (yes, there was one - more about that later). What a difference a day makes. And to carry that over into our lives we all know that circumstances can change very quickly - so enjoy what you can today and fix what you can today because tomorrow everything can look vastly different. Now for my flood and what I learned from it.
I was so grateful to be home yesterday when it started to pour. All of a sudden I heard something strange right outside the door to my apartment and sure enough it was raining (pouring really) from the skylight above the second floor (I live on the first). The harder it rained outside, the harder it rained in. As I checked every few minutes there was more and more water everywhere (BH it never got into my apartment).
BUT IT WAS SHABBOS! No one to call, nothing to be done, couldnt mop - just had to accept what was happening, make the best and be grateful that it wasnt worse - it didnt hit any electricity (came close, though) and no one was hurt and no damage in anyone's house. What a lesson in accepting what cant be changed. The other thing that resulted was all the neighbors were in each others apartments all afternoon - and of course it was Shabbos so all the cakes, candes, cookies, nosh was being served in abundance. The more nervous the neighbor, the more eating she did. (Didnt help, it still was raining in the hallway) Amazing, isnt it, how everything boils down to food?
And after Shabbos, as soon as we could, we got in touch with the landlord, who fixed the problem temporarily and when I get home today I expect the halls to be dry and the skylight window to be fixed. What are my chances?


optinosh said...

For me, already knowing on Friday that Shabbos was rained out; I gave myself permission to over eat. So even though that behavior is not logical, I notice now that no matter what crazy thinking I have, I don't binge like a crazy maniac anymore and I go back to the program afterwards........ It's comforting to know that I have tools to get myself back in line.

Good thing the water didn't come into your apartment Marcia!!

LoseweightIma said...

Sorry cant relate to the "weather" you're having there, cuz I'm in CA, but I do need some getting back on course help.

If I was away this summer, and was somewhat okay while away, but now it seems that the last few weeks, I've been slacking off, and gained some lbs back, isnt it better to start from the beginning, or is it better to just continue from where I left off?
I need a jumpstart here... Yom Tov is coming soon..

sweet said...

I can relate to loseweightima's issues about slacking off, and I'm sorry to say that I've done this more than once. I tend to start all over every time, but I'm not sure that I'm getting the "jump start" by doing that. If you keep starting over, then the jump is gone and you're just on some very restricted plan forever....

Yom Tov is a hard time for me and I try to give myself one day to eat what I want - usually at a big dinner. Then I can handle the rest of the time pretty well on track. So hard when such a big part of this is food, food, food.

Anonymous said...

Yes Sweet,

I lost earlier in May-June, and with the summer I was okay until August..
Now with preparing ahead of time, making cakes, etc its hard not to taste everything, but I do want my Yom Tov clothing to fit, & hopefully even be loose.I did well over Shavuous, and want to do okay with the rest of these yom tovim..