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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Good morning all, and yes, Optinosh, where is everyone? I know the summer brings with it vacations and weekends away, but I miss all the "commenters" on this blog - we are all such good support for each other. Also, Optinosh, it sounds like you are really "getting it" - this isnt about dieting - we all know how to do that very well - but about living, makig appropriate choices about food, and in general, taking care of ourselves in a way that says "I count!"
The 9 days is not my favorite time of year - in fact it's the time I like the least. It always brings with it a certain measure of fear - anyone else feel the same way?
No, not about eating - I dont ever eat fleishigs (no, not even chicken) so that isnt an issue, but it's more of "I can't wait till it's over and everyone's safe" kind of thing.
Also, the Tisha B'Av fast is so long and I am such a bad faster (thirst, headaches)that I am already starting to think about it.
As far as food, I continually hear in my classes "what can I eat?" As if meat were the only thing we live on. First of all, this 9 days includes 2 Shabbosim, so it's really like 5 days. There are at least 5 different kinds of fish to try (in addition to the old staple, salmon) - tilapia, sole, flounder, halibut, snapper, grouper, fresh tuna...and it's a great time to try tofu. Beans are also a great source of protein, and in this heat, some cold salads and simple omelets make some delicious meals! Be aware of how much lighter you feel.
If you want to make your fast a little more comfortable (and who doesnt) start about Thursday to de-caffeinate and to drink loads of water (which we all should be doing anyway).
Look for next week's blog on Monday - after Tish B'Av.
Have a good, safe week and an easy fast.


sweet said...

Every time some event, or period of time that sets itself apart, or something like that is coming up, I start getting nervous about what am I going to eat, how am I going to stay away from the things I shouldn't eat. I'm wondering why sometimes I can be "good" and sometimes I just throw up my hands and say, "who cares?"

I think that reading other people's comments and experiences really helps me figure out my own problems with this.

optinosh said...

I'm usually able to be "good" when I have something to look forward to and I know I will need energy to participate in whatever that is or if I know that there won't be time to "recover"" from a "food/sugar stupor." Mostly, now, I am really finding that our Startfresh lessons are sinking in and I'm not thinking that I am dieting -- it's my choice to treat myself well and not be abusive to my body -- The good thing is that now when I slip up, I can say exactly what happened: I was tired, hormonal, waited too long to eat, kept eating to avoid something, etc.

I also don't love fasting. For me it's about not being able to chew gum or drink.

Thanks Marcia for the supportive words and this amazing program.

Sweet you are right that it helps to hear what other people are doing to get some insites. I'm glad you are out there.