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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hi out there - another beautiful Sunday morning. The summer is half gone! Where did it go? As I look back on my blogs for the past few weeks, each Sunday they come from somewhere else -that's right - I havent caught my breath. There's so much to do and it seems that there is never enough time. Everything's a choice. Saying "yes" to something is saying "no" to something else. And so it is with food, too. We are a sum total of the choices and decisions we have made thus far. WHERE YOU ARE IS WHERE YOU GOT YOU! If you dont like where you've landed, make a different choice. Not happy in your apartment, your job? Make a change (yes, it's easier said than done, but it starts with a decision). Not happy with your weight? Muscle tone? Appearance?
Make a change. In fact, make a FEW changes - Food, Exercise and Water.
So,as I've told you, I've not been home on the weekends, and BOY! the opportunities to "pig out" abound. It's so easy to buy in to what other people say - "it's the weekend,come on" My answer to myself: I can negate on the weekend all the work I put in during the week. "You're always dieting" My answer to myself" No I'm not, I am eating in a way that always makes me feel good, healthy and proud. "Look what I made especially for you" My answer to myself: I appreciate what they did, but I know that they want me to be happy so I will ask for somethng else "especially for me" - some herbal tea perhaps and I will have something else while I watch them eat what they think they made especially for me. I know that it will not go to waste (or waist)
I also used some tips for going out to eat with other people: I order my meal first so I am not tempted by other people's orders. I never eat anything that I didnt order (like a nibble from someone else's plate). I check out the meal to see if I should take 1/2 home because it is too big (usually the answer is yes) and ask to have it wrapped up before I start. I ask for salad while everyone is eating bread.
If everyone is ordering dessert, I get fruit so I deont have to watche everyone else eat. Results have been that Iam the only one walking out of there feeling good - not overstuffed and sick. What a feeling - I hope you have it too!!

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optinosh said...

I've been away a lot lately and so my schedule is absolutely fahmisht. Eating and exercise are very erratic, but I am so happy to say that I am using many of the hints to stay fairly healthy. Even though we are going to parties, simchas and eating out in general, I finally am dealing with food as a lifestyle issue instead
of always thinking I am depriving myself if I don't stuff myself. It is starting to become a habit. I slipped a little at a wedding last week where the nosheriay was so over the top, I knew that it was a once in a lifetime thing...... OK...... I couldn't resist, but I went right back to the program afterwards and even the slip up wasn't a crazy binge.

Is everyone out of town??