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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Good morning (again) - I dont know what happened, but my whole blog got "eaten up" by the computer and failed to post - so here goes (again!)
For those of you who love the heat (and there are some of you out there) I'm sure you're happy these days. For the rest of us, I hope you are finding ways to keep cool (and keep your cool - this weather can make anyone cranky). Do you know that the more food and the "heavier" your food is, the hotter you'll feel? So, lighten up - concentrate on cool fresh fruit and veggies, and yogurt. Even those foods that are traditionally eaten hot, can be great eaten cold - chicken, grilled vegetables and potatoes! Let us know which "summer foods" you are enjoying (and depending on).
I don't know about you, but sitting around the pool makes me remember all the BLT's (bites, licks and tastes). It's hard resist comparing, isn't it? And dont you observe that women who look a certain way eat in a certain way too? Those women remember that you WEAR what you EAT! And they remember it all the time! Let's take a tip, huh?
As for sweeteners, that controversy has been around forever. Are they safe? Are they healthy? What about during pregnancy, nursing? For kids? Studies have shown 1) they are safe and 2)they are not safe. It depends on who is doing (and paying for) the studies. I'll bet the poweful sugar lobby is behind some of those nasty rumors. BUT remember, though sweeteners are less caloric, the first ingredient is "dextrose" which is sugar. These products were never intended for DIETETICS. They were made for DIABETICS. So the body cant tell the difference and pours out the same amount of insulin and leaves us in sugar craving. Optinosh, yes stevia is on the program and yes it is kosher (check the label to see if yu use that particular hechsher). It SEEMS TO BE the one with the least problems. Be aware, though, that when a product is "herbal" it simply means that the FDA did not test it and there is no data. All of these things are individual choice.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend - keep cool!!

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optinosh said...

Thanks Marcia for answering my question about the sweetners. Basically, I am always trying to find ways to eat more than I should and still not gain weight. I would be better off if I controlled the volume of what I ate instead of using sugarless products to stuff myself with.