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Monday, August 11, 2008

Good Monday morning to all - I hope you all had a good (?) fast. I am also glad the 9 days are over. I know many of you are going on vacation now - sometimes that can be such a trigger for overeating. Think of days that are not the usual routine (Shabbos, for example) and how that can lead to unplanned eating. Somehow vacation seems to signal freedom, relaxation, no schedule and no routine - but it shouldnt mean "I'm going to ignore my health" or "I'm going to do something I am going to regret". I know that I can't enjoy anything - certainly not a vacation - if I am angry about what I ate or am groggy and angry from eating too much sugar. I remember those times that I returned from a "real" vacation - one that I ate right, exercised and took care of my needs- and came back feeling wonderful and ready to take on the world.There are certain "non-negotaibles that we do takewith us(do you bring food with you? Kashruth is one of those non-negotiables). Healthy living is another non-negotiable, right?
So, think of what consititutes FUN!! Swimming, hiking, boating, conversation BUT NOT OVEREATING. Overeating takes away the enjoyment - IT DOESNT ADD TO IT!
So remember YOU ARE AN IMPORTANT PART OF THE VACATION - have fun,stay healthy!

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sweet said...

Oh - vacation! You are so right about thinking that the relaxation, out-of-routine time is almost an automatic signal to overeat. Maybe the best thing to think about vacation time is to make it a personal spa vacation, even if the actual place or activity is far from spa-like. Do exercising and healthy meals, and make specific vacation goals to meet.
Marcia, you are always so helpful to encourage smart thinking about ourselves.