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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Good morning - I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful day. With all the rain we've been having here "no rain in the forecast" is truly a gift. Unfortunately, I have to be in the office today - too much happening here for me to be able to relax at the beach (which would be my first choice).
Last Wednesday night the van we depend on to take us from class location to class location was involved in a pretty serious accident. No one was badly hurt (BH) anbd that's the bottom line. Everything else can be repaired (it will be weeks) and costs money (quite expensive) and aggravation (how will we keep our classes running upstate?)and long-term consequences (insurance rates increase), but seeing the airbags deployed,the front end of the van smashed, 2 frightened teens (who hit our car)puts everything in perspective. We were so so lucky - if it can be solved by money it is not a problem. By the time I got to the scene (no, I wasnt in the van at the time)everyone was standing, calmer and grateful.
SO HOW DO ALL THESE THINGS TRANSLATE INTO HUNGER??? Amazing that our reaction after it was all over was "what can we eat?" Another example of using food as a tranquilizer. Knowing that it doesnt work we were satisfied with fruit and yogurt - and felt much better for not giving in to something we really didnt want anyway but looked good at the moment!
Times like those really make me think of what is important in life - taking care of yourself as best you can - physically and emotionally - so that I can be "present" for whatever I need to do. Simple? yes. Easy? No way. It involves thought, effort concentration, preparation and prioritizing. It involves not only food but sleep, physical activity, hydration, and dealingwith stress in an appropriate way.Those things will determine the quality of our lives.
Wishinhg you good quality...and a good week.

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