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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Hi all! A "freilachen Chanukah to everyone. Well, we are about halfway through and there were so many many food challenges. But come to think of it, when are there not?
Every day there are different food situations to face and i guess the less I cave in to the cravings the more successful I'll be. So this week was a week of SUCCESSES!!
Starting with Chanukah - Day 1: A beautiful wedding - huge smorgasbord, luscious looking meal - but it was in the middle of the day and I knew I was having company at nite so I didnt eat there. At night, when I saw the donuts and the latkes and I thought about the oil, I also thought that I am doing too well to "test" myself. I made sure that I had lots of salads and veggies prepared for me - funny that NO ONE ATE THE SALAD-they were too busy eating the latkes and donuts (there was an entire fleishig meal too). So I had leftover salad for days. Each nite there were more latkes, more donuts and each day as I walked into the grocer store for this or that there were the fresh-baked-just-delivered-delicious smelling donuts. Every day I think "dont give up what you want most for what you want at the moment" . There are still a few more days and a few more parties to go. I take you all with me to each one and I'm also going with you....let me know how we did!


Anonymous said...

after 1 or 2 parties in the beginning where I ate the donuts, etc. I had enough of feeling sick the next day and the rest of Chanukah I ate healthy and I feel good about myself.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I find what you write to be very interesting. You mention foods, though, that I am unable to eat for health reasons, i.e. marinates (cannot have finegar or mushrroms), dairy, beef, etc. I eat mainly raw veggies, some cooked veggies, wild fish, some tofu, and whole grains. B"H my cholesterol is down and another condition is B"H at bay. I need more activity, for certain. I can't wait to rejoin your program. A friend wants to purchase me a Chanuka present and has decided to give me a gift certificate to Start Fresh. I am so touched. I still want to join on-line but can't wait to come in to live meetins also, BE"H.