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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Good morning - it is so good to communicate with you in so many different ways - this blog, the forums, and via e-mails. It lets me know where the interests and concerns are - and let me tell you, I share them all with you. My busy life feels like it leaves no time for exercise, food planing and preparation - but I also know that if I dont put those FIRST, then I will be less productive, totally unhappy and angry. Last time I shared with you about how I am preparing my own food and eating out less and less often. It became a priority and I am much more satisfied. The other thing I have started to do (much to my amazement) is experiment with different kinds of herbal teas. Tea has never been one of my favorite drinks - frankly, herbal tea always made me feel like I was drinking perfume. One of my friends started to mix the flavors, putting a peach teabag and an apple teabag in the same cup - it was great. So here are the results of my "mixology" - lemon and mint, green tea and mint, apple cinnamon and "sleepy time", apple and raspberry, strawberry kiwi and peach - they all taste better than they sound and they are good hot or cold.
Let me know what you think.....

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the idea- I mixed apple cinnamon and sleepytime - twas great!