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Sunday, January 11, 2009

How many times have I binged over something that hasn't happened yet?

Good morning everyone. I hope you are all OK, keeping warm (or if you are in a place where it is currently warm, I hope your air conditioners are working). I learned something over these past few days that has really helped me. As I listened to the forecast, I got ready (in my mind and my fridge) for a lot of snow, stuck at home, hard to get around, prepare lot of reading material...etc. And I'm not alone - the supermarkets were packed, snow shovels and salt were in evidence, salt trucks were ready to go and alternate side of the street parking was going to be suspended. Six inches of snow, they hollered on Thursday, and by Friday they said maybe 1-2,and by Saturday night they claimed "only a dusting". I know it was much more severe upstate, but all of that angst for something that turnedout to be nothing. What a life lesson- how many times do we agonize and worry and then the situation either doesnt happen or works out much more favorably than we anticipated. How many times have I binged over something that hasnt happened yet, except in my mind, and then when it all worked out just fine, I was left with a few extra pounds. The lesson? If we cant do something about a situation,dont worry. And if we can do something, do it, and dont worry.
All that having been said, I slipped on the ice last night right in front of my house - today I REALLY FEEL IT!! Does anyone out there think acookie will make me feel better?
Lastly - Anonymous - your food plan is SO HEALTHY!! I understand your choices are limited because of health reasons, but there are so many possibilities with the foods that are on your theway,you dont mention eggs - do you eat them?
What does your daily plan look like? I'd be interested to know..
I'm sure that some members on the forum would be helpful too! What a great support system that has been...
Have a great week!!

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Sportsmom said...

Marcia, please be careful! You are a "national treasure" and we need you to be safe............ :)

Here in Connecticut we ended up with a lot of snow and ice and I had to drive and drive between 2 Bar Mitzvahs (my husband's back hurt so it was just me driving). Because I had to stay sharp, I ate very carefully at the simchas and everything was great. By Sunday night, when we had a final celebration, I "had" to have dessert and I went overboard.

Today I am making up for it with exercise and good eating.............