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Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's been weeks since I posted here - time goes by so quickly and the days are so packed that sometimes I neglect what is not a "squeaky wheel" - anyone relate?
Went to a big weddng last Thursday night - large hall, loads of people and it seemed like no one was eating at the smorgasbord, but then I realized it was all off to one side and it was packed over there!! And the lavish meal was devoured as well. It seems that the more fried, the more fat, the more creamy the meal is, the more people want it. We talk thin and we eat fat. We talk exercise and we drive everywhere. I will say, though, that the dancing was enthusiastic and everyone was up there!I love to look at the clothes and jewelry - I've seen all the food before!!

What are all of you planning for Tu B'Shvat? All that glorious fruit is so tempting. BUT we need to remember it's all sugar - especially the dried fruits and fat (the nuts). And we know about excess, right? So when I say to myself, "It's only fruit..." I am in denial about how much I am eating - I am SO capapble of doing that!!

I once read a piece about this beautiful festival. It said that although it is winter and it seems strange to celebrate trees now, we are actually looking at the promise of spring. In the earth, everything is becoming ready and we can be assured that even though we can't see it, each little change will bring us the long-awaited results. So it is with us. Each little change, even though we cant see them individually can bring us big, beautiful changes.

We've passed through one of the coldest Januarys on record and today the weather is beautiful. It reminds me that soon we will be taking off the coats and cleaning for Pesach - more food challenges to come!

Have a beautiful Tu B'Shvat and remember - Spring is just around the corner!!

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