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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Good morning all! Winter looks like it's here - and along with it less daylight. And, if eating at night is an issue for you, then there is more "night" to contend with. Moreover, because it's getting colder, spending time outdoorsis less of an option. So, this calls for some new thinking and strategic planning. What I have found works for me and some members' suggestions have been the followng:

1- Make that big pot of soup - it's warm and filling. Prepare a big mug for the microwavefor as soon as you come in from wherever you've been. It's warm and it will force you to eat more slowly and give you time to THINK. Sometimes that's all we need - a few seconds to think before we do something destructive.

2- If you have the ability, buy or rent some exercise CD's. They can be viewed right on the computer. Can't walk outside? Can't get to an exercise class? Here's the perfect solution. Either alone, with a daughter, or a friend or two, this can be loads of fun and advantageous to your weight control efforts.

3- Use the time at home to batch cook. A big ratatouille, roasted chicken pieces, turkey or chicken patties or any of your specialties can be cooked in bulk and frozen. Again, either enlist some help or turn on the music and sing while you work.
This can even be done while you make those phone calls you owe....

4- Attack that pile of magazines and newspapers you've been meaning to read. Write the thank you notes, or (gasp!) a letter to someone. Think of some non-food activities - family game night, knitting, needlepoint, art.

5- Take one night every 2 weeks and meet with some friends. Rotate your homes so not one person has all the responsibilities - remember they didnt come to eat - you can serve some nice fruit and a beautiful vegetable platter.

6- One of our members talks about her "spa" evenings - a long bubble bath followed by a loofah scrub and an avocado face mask. Makes her feel like a million...

Can you share your winter stay-at-home strategies for self-care???

Looking forwrd to hearing...and welcome back lovetoeat, it's good to hear from you.


optinosh said...

Since right before Yom Tov I felt myself slipping out of control with the preparing and cooking and eating....
Then all through the holidays I was not able to keep from eating all the goodies. Finally, this week I am coming back to myself, but not all the way back.
I am exercising again and not eating everything in sight, but the weight I gained is still making me uncomfortable.

I've been using the "soup trick" and also apples. I thinly slice up apples and keep a bowl of them in the fridge, then I can take handfuls whenever I need something to munch on..... Great with a cup of tea.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the apple idea. it is helping me stay on track to lose a few pounds before we go on a cruise in 2 weeks -- i'm also separating oranges into sections and keeping them handy too.

i plan to use all of marcia's good advice not to gain weight on the trip.

lea said...


Members out there know me - Lea (Stein) - the Program Admin of Part of MY stay-at-home strategies is GET OUT OF THE HOUSE. I know it's easier to fool around in home clothes instead of bundling up and there's enough to contend with between work and family life. But I will make an effort and do something this Sunday - maybe an outlet mall like Jersey Gardens or Woodbury Commons. I will be going with Marcia! Yes, we enjoy spending time together and we will be free to discuss anything but business!

Anonymous said...

I joined a bootcamp, and its made such a difference!!!!Hard the first week but now, I have energy