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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Good day to all fellow START FRESHERS. I don't know where you are reading this, but it is snowing, raining, sleeting, slushy in Brooklyn. Perfect eating weather - stuck inside, cold outside, all you want to do is wrap yourself in a robe and keep warm. But wait! The kids are inside too, and they're bored. Your husband's stuck inside too, and those tasks that have been waiting for him dont look appealing. And everyone sort of gravitates towards the kitchen - where snacks are plentiful, the food is calling and the nice cozy scene begins. The big leisurely breakfast, the sitting around, the cookie baking, more eating , more snacking and on through the day. And at the end of the day, feeling kind of sick and very regretful because of all the food, you fall into bed, sluggish from all the sugar, no energy beccause of all the volume and full of promises of a perfect diet day tomorrow. Sound familiar? Is there no other way? Let's rewind....
Cold, snow, everyone indoors - move everyone to a place other than the kitchen and take out the jigsaw puzzle with the most pieces and begin...get some paper and pencils and play a geography game or a word game....Scrabble, anyone? Put on a tape and exercise together!
Give those little ones a shovel - they love this weather and your driveway will be clean at the same time. And at the end of the day, make a family project out of making a big, hearty vegetable soup (children can chop, too) - you will feel so much better after a day like that!
What do you think? Let's hope for better weather tomorrow!

Wednesday is Asara B'Teves, and for those of us who will be fasting, these tips can make that fast more comfortable.
First, try to decaffeinate. Limit (or eliminate)that coffee, tea, soda and you will avoid that "caffeine headache" on the day of the fast. (At least you can medicate the headache before Wednesday)
Try to limit salt intake - this will insure that you are less thristy on Wednesday
Eat normally the day before - over loading your body with food will not make for an easier fast - you will not be less hungry, but probably more so.
On the day of the fast TRY to avoid thinking about how hungry you are, or what you would like to eat. Also, avoid the supermarket - you will undoubtedly buy more than you need or want if you shop when you are hungry.
To break the fast, plan for a breakfast and a lunch, or a dinner meal depending upon how late you will be up. The inclination is to eat all of the allotted food in the evening, but your body doesnt need that much. Plan for about 1/2 of your day's food - that should be sufficient.
Also, remember to drink - you are hungry but your body is also thirsty.
Wishing you an easy fast. Let us know.....

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