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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Don't you just hate those natural thins? Not really, we just want to be like them. "It's not fair" we cry, "why can they eat anything they want and stay thin while I gain weight just looking at a cookie?" Let's take a closer look. No one eats anything they want whenever they want it, and if they do, they dont want the way we want. N.T's (natural thins) do not have an emotional relationship with food the way we do. And guess what? Not everyone who looks like an N.T. really is one - they just work hard behind the scenes to appear so. The good news is that we can observe them, emulate their behavior and maybe even adopt some of their attitudes about food. Although this will not come naturally to us, we can work on it! P.S. Don't look for "fair" - you won't find it.
N.T's watch their portion sizes. They leave food on their plates when they have reached their level of satiety. They don't feel that they have to finish every bite.
N.T's dont skip meals. They don't drop everything at the first stomach rumble, but they don't let themselves get famished either. We know that if we get over-hungry we will eat too much of whatever we can get out hands on, and rest assured it will not be broccoli.
N.T's prioritize their health and wellnenss. They are willing to do what it takes, no excuses. They move! They exercise! They walk to the store and don't drive! They get off the bus a few blocks sooner than they need to and walk the rest of the way!
N.T's weigh themselves, preferrably not more than once a week. Less than that and the numbers can get away from you, and 12 times a day doesnt work either - we become a slave to the scale and forget about behavior changes.
N.T's eat slowly, sitting down. They focus on their food, the tastes, the textures and they know that a meal should last 15-20 minutes so the stomach has a chance to feel fullness.
How far away is YOUR behavior from these "ideal ones"? What do you need to work on?
If you are reading this, then I dare say that you have work to do and ME TOO!!

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Anonymous said...

I love the way you title them NATURAL THINS . It helps me remember that they get there NATURALLY while I have to sacrifice and work on this all my life.