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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hi all!
I just blinked and here it is mid-November. I meant to blog every week, but I didnt pay attention and it didnt get done. This is so like my food plans of the past - I didnt pay attention and they didnt get done. Did I think it would happen automatically with no effort? Or did I just push off what I didnt want to do? (Am I talking about the blog or the diets, or both?)
I could be so un-focused, paying attention to everything and everyone except what I need and then get resentful when it isnt done. So, what did I learn? I learned that no matter what, I will accomplish what I need to for everyone else in my life, so I'd better get what I need done for myself FIRST - before I get too tired or too busy.

So what have I been doing since August? Well, one of the most important things to me is that I spent the time doing some real self-care and reached a great, comfortable goal weight - one I havent been at in years. Have I been at a goal weight before? Yes. What's different this time is that NOTHING HAS CHANGED!!

Everything I did to get here, keeps me here - planning, preparing, writing it down, portion control, exercise (not enough, still working on that one), not weighing myself too often (so that I dont become a slave to the numbers) - basically continuing to get more comfortable with this lifestyle and loving it!!
Gave away all of my big clothes, or took them in - a friend of mine told me that if you keep the large clothing it's like making a reservation - and I am cancelling all of those reservations.

I also know that anything, ANYTHING can be a trigger to binge - so takethis morning, for example:
my new TV doesnt work (it's a week old)
my computer is crashing (not the one I'm on now)
our payroll service made (yet) another big error
a check that was given to me was returned for insufficient funds (it was a large one)
it rained the second I left my house (without an umbrella of course)
AND THIS WAS ALL BEFORE 10AM - boy could I have made an excuse out of that!!

But I realized that a danish was not going to fix my TV, computer or any of those other issues....big learning experience!!

I also know that everything will straighten out...but if I binge, nothing will be right, right?

So, now that I've caught you up on me, I look forward to hearing about what you've been up to....


lovetoeat said...

Marcia would you post before and after pics? I find them so inspirational.

sweet said...

I find this blogging the most inspirational - So thrilled to see Marcia back on line!

Anonymous said...

Good morning Marsha,
I appreciate your words of wisdom, iknow you talk from experience. I will be trying this format now. Keep them coming if you can.