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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Hi - I hope everyone's Rosh Hashannah was as beautiful as mine was, and again, I want to wish each of you a very happy and healthy year. This is one gift we can strive for - healthy by making healthier food choices, happy - what feels better than being in control? Dont ruin what you want so badly - what you have spent time in shul davening for, and what everyone is wishing you this time of year. And, loseweightima, we ALL have those same issues some times. Every day we "vow" to start and every day we end up full, sick and sorry. BUT you can never never give up - whatever you do is not as bad as what you could do if you werent thinking about your program. One day it will just click, and then the next day and the next, etc. The weight loss journey is not a straight line - it's full of ups and downs, peaks and valleys - we've just gotta keep journeying.
As far as preparing and cooking for many guests on Yom Tov - first, to be fair, the real cook is my beautiful, wonderful, emotionally and physically healthy sister. BUT it's MY house - so the trigger foods are there long before Yom Tov and the leftovers are there long after the last guest is gone. Tips? 1) Eat meals. Sit down and focus. Let your body and mind know that you ate. 2)Have a bottle of water handy and sip while you cook. 3) Talk to yourself - tell yourself what you really want (and it's not the food) 4) Have cut up veggies available, soup in a microwave mug ready to heat in an emergency.
I KNOW that the secret to success is SIDE DISHES!! Make sure you are satisfied when you walk away from the meal.
So, the guests came and it is no mystery why people look the way they do. The Natural Thins ate like Natural Thins and the others, well the others ate like the others, and were talking about which diet they would go on after Yom Tov. You see, once you declare your freedom from any kind of program, any control, all bets are off and you are vulnerable for anything.ACT AS IF YOU ARE A NATURAL THIN - watch them and imitate them!
And the leftovers - they leave when the guests leave. The choices? Send them away, give them away, throw them away, or flush them away. They're too dangerous when they hang around.
I hope everyone's fast is an easy and meaningful one, and the rest of the Yom Tov everything you wish it to be. Enjoy!

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